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Exodus Chapter 1 & 2 – God Remembers His Promises

God Remembers His Promises

As we begin our study of the book of Exodus, we find the children of Israel in slavery.  God remembers his promise he made with Abraham. As we study the many themes of Exodus, we will see that God remembers his promises.

God’s Promise He Made With Abraham

Genesis 15:12-16

12 As the sun was going down, a deep sleep fell on Abram. And behold, dreadful and great darkness fell upon him. 13 Then the Lord said to Abram, “Know for certain that your offspring will be sojourners in a land that is not theirs and will be servants there, and they will be afflicted for four hundred years. 14 But I will bring judgment on the nation that they serve, and afterward they shall come out with great possessions. 15 As for you, you shall go to your fathers in peace; you shall be buried in a good old age. 16 And they shall come back here in the fourth generation, for the iniquity of the Amorites is not yet complete.”

Proof God Remembers His Promises

Exodus 2:23-24

23 During those many days the king of Egypt died, and the people of Israel groaned because of their slavery and cried out for help. Their cry for rescue from slavery came up to God. 24 And God heard their groaning, and God remembered his covenant with Abraham, with Isaac, and with Jacob. 25 God saw the people of Israel—and God knew.

What We Learned From Chapters 1 & 2

  • God remembered his promise to Abraham.
  • We must trust and know that God is faithful to his promises.
  • God’s Word is true. If he said it, we can trust it.
  • God does not lie.
  • God is always in control even with circumstances shows differently.

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